Our Services

SD Laser

The firm’s core business is laser processing, cutting and engraving.
We do laser processing scrupulously to help our customers to make the right choices about which processes to use while helping to resolve any special issues.
SD LASER applies the principles of correctness, integrity and honesty to offer you innovative and technological solutions.

Our highly qualified personnel excel at professionalism, reliability and competence to ensure our customers high quality service that always meets their expectations.
Our firm excels in extreme flexibility, organising efficiently and offering high quality services while ensuring both rapid delivery and moderate prices.


For the graphic design sector: We cut, engrave and mark anything from tissue paper to thick cardboard without ever leaving burn marks on the surface. Laser processed paper creates ideal artworks for events where you want to make an impression.

For the plastics/electronics sector: We can engrave the surfaces of finished products toning the colour of the material to ABS or other similar colour specs.

For the fashion sector: We can perform cutting or engraving processes on all kinds of fabric, leather, jeans, hide, velvet and any kind of cloth.
We use various laser sources enabling us to work on small or large surfaces and we also process materials on bobbins.
We can cut, shape and engrave simultaneously on large surfaces without making the material unravel, creating new patterns and designs on request.
We can also engrave buttons, buckles, pull tabs and aglets made from plastic, mother of pearl or metal.

For the furnishing sector: We can even cut thick wood and Plexiglas as well as bend it and engrave it to give your creativity an outlet.

For the advertising sector: We engrave all sorts of materials like pens, lighters, clipboards and more. We also engrave glass, porcelain and ceramic so that restaurants can customise all their dishware to have a highly personalised product.
We develop and design advertising products carefully according to customer specifications.

Lasers can give a special touch to any product that you want to make unique and exclusive. We can enrich your product with a combination of different techniques quickly, accurately and dependably – your creations won’t go unnoticed.